Easter Pitchers

Easter is a bit of a tradition around here. Lots of friends and family, lots of food and an opportunity to take out all the best linens and china. This year we decided to  whip up a few pitchers of cocktails along with some charcuterie to start the festivities before sitting down to a delicious meal surrounded by loved ones.

Singapore Slings were on the menu by special request and we decided to mix it up with the Basil & Lemon Vodka Gimlet. We mixed the cocktails before hand and let them chill in the fridge, then built a bartender’s station to ensure quality control and avoid over-pouring. Then we waited for our guests to arrive and and enjoyed sharing some delicious cocktails with some great people.


See the original posts for the recipes. We based our pitchers on eight drinks each and that worked out pretty well. Since the Gimlet recipe was already for a pitcher we simply doubled it; the Sling just took a bit a math to get right—that’s why it was L’s job. Drinks were poured upon request and garnished.

The Verdicts: The Gimlets went first (but I think that was because the bartender was pushing them), but ironically the Singapore Slings seemed to be the favourite. There were a lot of non-cocktail drinkers in attendance and both drinks were a nice introduction to the tradition. Everyone seemed to enjoy their choice and there was a little bit left for some tasting around. All in all a big success and a very a happy Easter for everyone.

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