The Reinbeer

So…. not exactly a cocktail, but come on now! It’s beer with antlers! And though these hansom little fellas originated during the holiday season (and a stint of mind-numbing unemployment), they seemed the perfect pre-cocktail drink for a trip to Elk Island National Park—our favourite place to grill up some bison steaks and eat them in front of, well, the bison…



  • reinbeer-naturalLongneck beer
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Googly eyes (preferably not yours)
  • Red noses
  • Press-on mustaches
  • Hot-glue gun

The verdict: Even when the beer is bad, the giggles are good. In fact, even L (a reluctant beer drinker on account of it getting in her mouth) looks forward to our annual Reinbeer games. Give them a try.

Sadly, where all good reindeer end up.

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