The Miss L

One of us has a name that begins with L, so in our little communopoly we avoid making the shape of an L on our foreheads. Instead, we make an O, as in “oozer,” which is how you might feel if you consume too many of this cocktail.


We discovered a version of this cocktail at a pub in Nanaimo, British Columbia but have adapted it to our tastes. Here’s our version:


  • MIssL21 oz raspberry vodka
  • 1 oz peach schnapps
  • 1 tbsp lime juice
  • 100 mL cola (or to taste)
  • fresh raspberries

Serve over ice.

The verdict: Easy drinking — probably too easy. We worried that the raspberry and schnapps would be cloyingly sweet, but the cola–lime acid provides good contrast. This drink is perfect for the patio on a hot afternoon. The Miss L is arguably a “girly” drink and a cocktail umbrella would add a nice serving touch. But warn your guests that it’s a double shot — it’s that subtle.

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