Kisses for Pedro

This cocktail is a version of a shot that Z made up ages ago. The name is a pun of sorts. C’s cat Pedro doesn’t really like kisses, so they make her a sour puss. One of the main ingredients is, of course, sour puss. Also, the sour puss is red and when mixed into this cocktail, it makes a reddish pink drink that kind of resembles Pedro’s very pink nose.

1oz raspberry sour puss
1oz tequila
top with Sprite or club soda, both to taste

The original version of this drink is a 1oz shooter half tequila and half sour puss shaken over ice. To make a cocktail out of it, Z figured he’d add some mix to it and double the liquor content, keeping in mind the 3oz max liquor content. We used a small glass bottle of Sprite and a small can of club soda, and they gave the perfect amount for each drink. We made one version using just the liquor and sprite and a second with the liquor and club soda.

The verdict: Z liked the one topped with Sprite, but C was kind of meh on this drink overall. This cocktail was an experiment and clearly needs more refinement. However, it was still enjoyable.

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