The Charles

I was looking for something simple and tasty and a bit sweet. So I  went digging through my compiled wishlist and came across two that called for cognac. I chose the Charles because it had a bit more history.

The Cocktail Bar was published by “Charles” in London in 1952. This eponymous drink is one of the few clues about the author. A simple but delightful cocktail, perhaps like Charles himself?


  • 30 ml of cognac
  • 30 ml of Italian Vermouth (we used Cocchi Americano)
  • Dash of Angustura bitters
  • garnish with a slice of lemon

Combine ingredients in a mixing glass  with ice and strain into cocktail glasses. Garnish.

The verdict: Although it it didn’t make much of a visual impression, it was enjoyed by one and all. The sweetness of the cognac and bitterness of the Cocchi were a perfect mix. Some of us muddled in the slice of lemon to  give a touch of acid which brightened up the whole drink.

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